Our products are specially designed and manufactured in a factory- controlled environment; our units are factory-built and are complete when leaving our factory. Our units are fully insulated, good quality finishing.
Mathote's units give you the ultimate in service with a variety of mobile structures like site offices, ablution, dormitories, classrooms, clinics, panelised (kit form) buildings and accommodation. The mobile and panelised structures are available in various sizes and layouts to suit most requirements.
Mathote’s Rental fleet gives you the ultimate in service from mobile site office to ablutions. Available in various sizes and layouts to suit most requirements. Mathote has the answer to all your accommodation. If buying the unit outright does not seem feasible then take advantage of our rental plan. There are many benefits that come from renting. The main reason being that there is no capital needed.
Our products are easily movable & transportable, very little site preparation if any is necessary as these units are supported on levelling jacks and concrete pads. We also handle relocations of units if ever they need to be moved again.